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Thrive DC Youth

Our focus is adolescent girls, ages 16-18 who are struggling with abandonment and rejection or other behaviors due to trauma. Knowing their identity in Christ, despite what they have walked through, and the unconditional love of Jesus is our main focus to bring healing and wholeness. A majority of the girls we accept are teens who have been adopted and are struggling with relationships, including with their adoptive family.
We use Teen Challenge curriculum which is a strong bible based curriculum that is individualized based on what a girls has walked through. We have multiple groups ranging from boundaries, forgiveness, sexual integrity, anger etc. Schooling is inhouse and online through USD 428 (protective measures are put in place for the safety of girls who technology is an issue), chapel and other therapeutic components are also a part of our program.
Our students help give back to the community by helping with commodities distribution, traveling to other communities to hand out food, clothing and hygiene or giving back internally in our outreach by serving in the DC Kitchen, food distribution or the Kingdom Kloset. The founder of the Dream Center, along with other leadership have been adoptive parents and understand the struggle as you try to parent, using every skill you have but feeling helpless in the healing process of your child. Our hope is for adoptive parents to be able to understand that their is hope and through our program, we work on the family as a whole, not just with the student. Restoration is possible! We only accept 6-7 students at a time so we can maintain a family environment. Most girls are with us for 12-months to 18 months, depending on how each student is progressing and healing.

Thrive DC Youth

Submit referrals, questions & applications to The THRIVE Team at or call 620-282-4014 and ask for Angela Chill or Elizabeth Pearson

Contact Us @

2100 Broadway Ave Great Bend, KS 67530


Facebook: Central Ks Dream Center Inc

Phone: 620-282-4014

FAX : 620-307-3025

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