The Leadership Team

Who We Are

Mark Stones

Operations Director

After having a dramatic experience with God in March of 1972 I became instantly committed to building God’s Kingdom and helping people. At 17, I traveled to St. Louis, Pennsylvania, and Washington D.C. with a local author who was gathering information for a book she was commissioned to write for an inner city ministry. I witnessed so many miracles I became even more excited about the possibilities in living the Christian life.  Upon returning, with the help of a few friends, I founded my first corporation, a 501-C-3 non-profit ministry to reach my fellow teens. After some consideration I came to the conclusion I needed more knowledge to grow so I left my rural community for Great Bend, KS where I graduated Barton County College and Faith Bible College.  Since those early days I have started an successfully run businesses, became an executive in a Fortune 500 plastics company and continued serving the Lord and growing in Bible knowledge. My wife of 44 years, Janet, and I are graduates of the St. Louis Bible Institute and Rhema Bible 

College.  I’ve served the Lord in Missouri and Oklahoma prisons, two megachurches and most recently as pastor of a wonderful church in Nebraska.  My focus has always been to assist people in seeing the value of successful Christian living as I have experienced through knowledge and faith in the Word of God.  My belief is that by growing strong people we will grow strong fathers and mothers. This will grow strong families. And this, in turn will grow strong  communities   and ultimately a strong nation.

Angela Chill

Administrative Director

Angela Chill grew up in southwest MO where she graduated high school and attended MO College of Cosmetology. In 2010, she moved to Olathe with her son.  Angela had struggled with the use of prescription pain killers after receiving a kidney transplant and being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in order to control the pain. In 2017 she made a life changing decision to stop everything and enter into the discipleship program here at the Central KS Dream Center. After graduating the program, she gave back to the program that had given her the tools to deal with the trauma of her past and had taught her what a true relationship with her personal Lord and Savior truly meant. She worked at our DC kitchen and became a house mom over the Dream Center's  women’s program. After about a year of working here, she went back out into the world to work. She spent 2 years working as a restaurant manager before being called back to the Dream Center. During her time away from the Dream Center,  Angela married Michael Chill,  also a graduate of the Dream Center's discipleship program.  Angela and her son now have a new life and a new love for the Father. 

Angela has a deep desire for others to receive the same transformation and restoration experience that she encountered at the Dream Center.

Elizabeth Pearson

Programs Director

Elizabeth Pearson is from southeast Kansas and has lived in central Kansas for more than a decade.  God has always laid a passion for hurting people, especially youth, on her heart.  She has served as a volunteer in ministries at multiple churches for approximately 20 years.  She attended Manhattan Christian College, Barton County Community College, and Allen County Community College but she has never stopped growing.  She has served not only in ministries addressing spiritual hurts, but also as a paramedic for physical hurts and as an equine specialist & branch manager with Healing Hearts Ranch for mental health hurts as well.  Everything about her life has been about serving God through helping others in every aspect of their lives.  She gave her life to Christ as a child, as she was blessed by and surrounded by a family that was always encouraging her in her relationship with God.  She met her husband at Bible college and they are adoptive parents.