God is a God of redemption and we get to see lives changed on a daily basis here at the Dream Center.  Here are some of the testimonies of those we have been given the honor to share in their life transformation.

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Shane's Journey

​​"Hitting rock bottom wasn't bad enough for me." 

Shane , age 30, is now employed and drug-free. However, this was not the case for many years. He had strained relationships and an addiction to meth that began when he was age 14, infiltrating his entire life. He has grappled with issues like anger and bitterness.  Shane did not want to pass these attitudes on to his own future family.
Being the first individual that began work at the Dream Center, he now realizes he is worthy of so much more.
“I was addicted to meth,” he said. “I couldn’t get away from it. It was what made me get up in the morning.  The Dream Center has been a real blessing. I’ve never been happier, this place and it's work is bringing real joy to me. This is the longest I’ve been clean,” he said. 
Shane is currently in the first male-female relationship of his life that wasn’t drug related. Relationships with family members have been restored.  Having grown up in this area, local people have shared about the changes they've seen in Shane.  There has been a transformation in his demeanor and attitudes on life.

Jackie's Journey

​​"I grew up in an abusive, dysfunctional home, and started using drugs socially in my teens as an escape."  Jackie, 45, had health issues that triggered her downhill slide straight into a life of meth addiction.  Although she had stints of sobriety and participated in 10 different treatment programs (both in and out patient), she continued to relapse.  "It seemed as soon as I started to scratch the surface of my problems, the programs would be over.  I found myself emotionally raw and with an addiction problem I hadn't really conquered," she said.  In 2013 she found herself in and out of jail and the hospital, having burned bridges with most of her family and friends.  She was desperate to get home, not to a loved one, but to get to her stash of drugs.

"Getting out of jail, I didn't have the will to continue to try to live, but I knew I needed help. I knew that God was the only one that could help me.  I just needed the right enviroment to learn more about the Lord, and in turn, more about myself," she shared.  Now through the Dicipleship Program, Jackie has learned her worth, found a purpose, and she didn't just stop at the surface of her problems.  She attacked their roots.  "My relationships have begun to heal, and for once, I can set the example of Christ in my life.  I can teach my kids that Jesus isn't just someone you turn to in times of trouble, but someone who walks with you every moment of every day."

"When I reached out to the Dream Center, I was angry, hurt, lost and completely broken.  I had struggled with meth addiction for almost 8 years.  I was at the end of myself.  I had tried over and over to do "life" in my own strength and fell right on my face every single time.  The only thing I was missing before was God and a good support system.  I have been at the Dream Center since Dec., 2018 and I have come a long way.  I see light at the end of the tunnel.  I am genuinely happy and am forever grateful for the Dream Center and the leadership.  They have taught me that my past doesn't have to define who I am anymore.  They have taught me a reason to WANT to keep living....God"


"My life was a mess.  Growing up in a very dysfunctional home where drugs and fighting was normal.  If there was one good thing that my momma did teach me at a young age, It would be seeing the best in a person at any situation and still loving them with all of my heart.  And also making the choice to never do drugs.  At the age of 14 I was taken out of my home and placed in foster care.  Moving house to house to house whenever they seemed to be a problem.  I learned that it was me against the world and no one, not even my mother was gonna fight for me.  I learned to defend myself and to be independent. I've always tried (key word, tried) to do things in my own plan and my own strength.  But it never seemed to be enough, till one day I went to church and I heard God loud and clear telling me, I need to join the discipleship program.  So i obeyed and now I'm here!  Gods been teaching me that I don't have to fight alone, and I've never been alone.  I'm learning to humble myself to every situation that I can't do things in my own strength.  I need to do them with Gods strength and trust him fully on everything."


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