Kimberly Becker- CEO

Kimberly Becker is an overcomer!  She is a visionary and the founder of the Central Ks Dream Center after God gave her a dream about a multi-faceted ministry in 2009 and her obedience brought that dream to life in 2013.  She is an ICF ACC Coach focusing on individuals and teams who are seeking self improvement development. She is also a Coach Mentor and certified to do Harrison Assessment Staff Development and Debriefing.  Her core values is for individuals to feel seen, heard and valued and she lives her life to make sure that happens.

Kimberly's background includes working with teens who have walked through trauma in group homes, residential programs and as a Case Manager for individuals with severe emotional disturbances.  She was a therapeutic foster/adoptive parent of over 70 children and has worked in the maximum prison system before becoming an ordained pastor and starting the Dream Center.  Her hearts cry is for individuals to go from victim mentality to victory mentality.

Robby Hernandez-  DIRECTOR

Robby graduated from Sterling College in Sterling, Kansas after studying Christian Ministry with an emphasis in missions.  Robby joined the Central Kansas Dream Center in the fall of 2016 as a classroom teacher and to help preach at chapel but now oversees all aspects of the Men's Discipleship program and comes alongside all the other leaders as a program manager to help with efficiency and discipleship in all aspects of the ministry.  He is also one of the pastors who leads chapel.

Robby's passion to preach God’s word and then help students walk that out is evident. Robby’s love for the bible and for people come together in a great way and make him a great leader.  

Robby is a certified teacher in the Teen Challenge curriculum and is a licensed pastor.


Teresa has an amazing story of transformation when she had an encounter with her creator!  She uses that testimony to connect with volunteers, students and staff in a profound way.  A woman of passion to serve the Central Ks Dream Center and to care for the building along with caring for the people.  Teresa makes sure all aspects of the building are taken care of and is in charge of all volunteers and donations that come into the building.

Her love for Jesus is evident by her servant heart and she is always looking for a way to raise people up into a position that serves the ministry and the individual well.  If your heart is to serve...Teresa is your contact to make that happen!