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Ministry That Gives Back

We, as a ministry, want to share our gifts and talents and we encourage our leadership, staff and students to give back to the community. So if there is a need we can provide and if we have the resources we would like to help. Please contact Angela at the Dream Center.

We would like to thank our community partners that have helped the Central KS Dream Center grow since the inception, in July 2013. Your generosity provides life-changing opportunities to those we serve.


If you are interested in being a resident assistant or your group is interested in hosting a day(s) of service, be a monthly donor, or partnering to serve in other ways? 

If so, please contact us to schedule a time to discuss opportunities available to your business, organization, or congregation.​


For resident assistant, please view the attached job description and fill out the attached application below and fax or email back for an interview.




RA Job Description

Volunteer Application

Employment Application
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